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Ignite a passion for sports and nurture essential life skills in your child this summer! SportsHero Camp powered by Perfectly Me is designed for kids who crave a winning combination of fun, fitness, and personal growth!

Ages - 5-11

Location - Loyola University, Fitness and Aquatic Center (4900 N. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE, MD 21210)

Specialized Activities -

Climbing Wall


Weeks - June 10th - August 16th 

Hours - 9 - 4 pm (Aftercare available from 4 pm - 5 pm for an additional $50 a week) 

Activities/Games -

Board/Card Games

Scavenger Hunts

Arts & Crafts


Early Bird Registration


Per Week

4+ Weeks

Early Discount By Mar 15, 2024


$385 per week

After Mar 16, 2024


$405 per week

After Jun 1, 2024


$415 per week

Please email if you plan to enroll in 4+ weeks of camp for the discount code.

Sibling discount - 5% discount on the additional sibling


Ignite a passion for sports and nurture essential life skills in your child this summer! SportsHero Camp powered by Perfectly Me is designed for kids who crave a winning combination of fun, fitness, and personal growth. Let Perfectly Me help you reach your goals on and off the field!


Activities/ Games

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Board/Card Games

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Scavenger Hunts

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Arts & Crafts

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Specialized Activities

Water Play

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Climbing Wall

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Balloons & Squirters

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Weekly Themes:

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Hoops of Heart:

Shooting for Kindness

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Hoops Harmony:

Teamwork on and off the Court

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Soccer United:

Kick, Communicate, Connect

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SportsHero World Cup:

Kick for Kindness

REV -  Icon 14.png

Super Bowl Courage:

A Flag Football Adventure

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Run for Good:

Track & Field with Heart SportsHero Camp Olympics

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Elevate & Celebrate:

Gymnastics, Dance, and Positive Energy

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Under the Big Top Where Kindness Takes Center Stage (Circus Theme)

Why Choose Perfectly Me SportsHero Camp?
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Thrilling Sports Adventures

From soccer showdowns to basketball brilliance, our camp offers a diverse range of sports activities that keep your child active, engaged, and excited to explore their athletic prowess.

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Social-Emotional Learning Excellence

We believe that success extends beyond the playing field. Our expertly crafted curriculum integrates crucial social-emotional learning components, empowering your child with essential life skills such as kindness, teamwork, resilience, and leadership.

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Brave Adventures

Through thrilling activities and team challenges, your child will learn to conquer fears, face adversity, and emerge stronger and braver!

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Creative Learning Through Play

The power of play is important to foster creativity and build meaningful con nections. Through interactive games and team-building exercises, your child will develop social skills that will last a lifetime.

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Confidence Boost

Our program cultivates a sense of self-assurance, encouraging children to take on new challenges and explore their potential. Children will meet obstacles head on with a renewed sense of confidence.

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Leadership and Community-Mindfulness

Cultivate leadership qualities that extend beyond sports, preparing your child for success in any endeavor. Children will become global thinkers while acting locally.

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Friendship and Fun

Our camp is more than just sports and learning; it's a place where friendships flourish and memories are made. We create an atmosphere where laughter and joy are as important as the many skills your child will acquire.

  • Kindness and Compassion

Participate in real-world acts of kindness, spreading positivity throughout the community and learning the joy of giving back.

  • Empathy

Learn the art of putting themselves in others' shoes and understanding dierent perspectives.

  • Patience

Participate in hands-on activities that challenge their understanding of time, allowing them to develop patience as a superpower.

  • Listening

Dive into the art of active listening through exciting games and exercises, teaching them the importance of hearing others and expressing themselves with empathy

  • Courage and Confidence

Face challenges head-on, teaching them the value of courage in a safe and supportive environment that helps to build confidence.

  • Team Building and Collaboration

Learn the importance of collaboration, communication, and teamwork through exciting challenges and games.

  • Physical Fitness

Develop a love for an active lifestyle and discover the joy of being healthy through sports and exercise.

  • Resilience and Perseverance

Build emotional resilience, self-awareness, and perseverance for a well-rounded and confident individual.

  • Leadership Skills

Cultivate leadership qualities that extend beyond sports, preparing your child for success in any endeavor.

  • Community-Mindfulness

Ignite a sense of responsibility and awareness in your child. Our unique Community Connections Projects encourage kids to explore to become compassionate global citizens who make a positive impact on the world.

Join Us for a Summer of Growth and Grins!

SportsHero Camp Themes 2024

Hoops of Heart:

Shooting for Kindness


It’s March Madness, but in June! Dribble, pass and shoot your way to the Final Four. This week you will build your fundamental skills of basketball by exploring the sportsvalues of resilience, kindness, and patience. Learn the basic history of basketball and significant individuals in the sport. Challenge yourself daily in skill development drills, create individual goals, and engage in various group games that will help you build your communication and teamwork skills. Most importantly be kind, build community and have fun!

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Hoops Harmony:

Teamwork on and off the Court


Swish - that perfect sound when the ball never touches the rim. Basketball is much more than dribbling and shooting, it’s also about learning the mechanics of game play and working together to achieve a goal. Spend the week exploring the sportsvalues of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills. Participate in drills to develop your basketball skills while learning to work together. Along the way, learn about significant individuals who have made an impact on the sport.

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Soccer United:

Kick, Communicate, Connect


Shoot and score! This week you will learn the universal game of soccer by focusing on fancy footwork, fun games such as soccer bowling and soccer golf, and playing modified soccer games. Build your sportsvalues of listening, team building, and collaboration. Discover how the game evolved over time and inspirational individuals involved in the sport.

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SportsHero World Cup

Kick for Kindness


Pass, shoot and score your way through the week and into SportsHero Camp World Cup stardom. This week learn the history of the World Cup and discover players who rose through adversity. Build your sportsvalues of kindness and empathy. Spend time growing your individual skills by goal setting and growing your team building skills with a variety of soccer games such as scrambled eggs, shark attack, backwards soccer and soccer kickball. Do you really want it?!

REV -  Icon 26.png

Super Bowl Courage

A Flag Football Adventure

Flag Football

Touchdowns and teamwork! Learn the fundamental skills of football and improve your skills of punting, passing, receiving, and basic knowledge of football positions. Build your sportsvalues of courage, teamwork, and leadership through interactive games such as endzone trappers, endzone escape, and matball football. Learn how the game has changed since its inception and discover individuals who had the courage to make positive contributions to the game. And play in the SportsHero Camp Summer Super Bowl!

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Run for Good

Track & Field with Heart SportsHero Camp Olympics

Track & Field

Jump, throw, and run your way to the finish line and grab the Gold Medal! The magic number in the Decathlon is 10 amazing events. Learn the history of this event while challenging yourself in modified decathlon events during the week. Develop your sportsvalues of kindness, perseverance, and patience and explore the history of this sport that dates all the way back to Athens. Use your creativity sportsvalue to invent new track and field events and kindness challenges for the first ever SportsHero Camp Olympics.

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Elevate & Celebrate

Gymnastics, Dance, and Positive Energy

Gymnastics & Dance

So you think you can dance? Have a talent for tumbling? Why not try both? This week you will spend time exploring gymnastics tumbling skills and rhythmical gymnastic routines. Learn dances around the world, drum fitness choreography, and how to design your own dance routine. Develop your patience, kindness, and encouragement sportsvalues and discover dierent professional/competitive individuals who share these traits.

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Under the Big Top Where Kindness Takes Center Stage


It’s the Greatest Week on Earth! This week learn how to design three basic ground circus routines - balances, manipulatives (spinning plates, balance feathers, juggling) and clowning routines. Develop your own personal style, use sportsvalues to collaborate with your fellow performers when crafting your routines, and dive into the world of circus around the globe and the amazing folks that make this magic happen. And use your kindness throughout to support and encourage your friends.

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Morning Greetings & Check-In

Morning Meeting

Fouls in basketball earn the other team free throws. Play a game called Don’t Touch Me to help develop positive defensive skills.

SportsHero Champions

You probably heard of the Harlem GlobeTrotters but there’s another team you need to know……

10 Minute Snack Break

Skill Development

Basketball players play both offense and defense. Learn basic power moves to increase your ability to move the ball forward and how to defend your basket.

Skill Development Games

It’s time to really get your heart pumping and feet moving in Fast Break Drills.

10 Minute Snack Break


30 Minute Lunch – 30 Minute Play Table Tennis/Foosball/Fun Play

Large Group Games

Put all your skills in play today as we play another set of 3 on 3 games.

Community Connections Project

Show kindness today by creating pillows that will be donated to children experiencing homelessness. Everyone deserves to know they are loved.

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