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Our SuperHero

Origin Story

REV 2 - Origin Story.png


Since 2007, the team at Perfectly Me has been developing content and delivering programs that bring out the superhero in every kid. Because we know, every kid is a superhero! They may not have superpowers like the superheroes we see on the movie screen but their superpowers can also CHANGE and SAVE the world. We like to call these superpowers supervalues! Supervalues like - kindness, courage, fearlessness, compassion, strength, and resilience to name a few. Just like our favorite movie heroes, the superheroes in our lives have to train. Perfectly Me is committed to helping kids build and enhance their super- powers to create a better world. And we are excited to partner with parents on these efforts because most of us are parents who want our kids to be their best selves and live in a better world. 


We have three superhero groups in our universe – the Awesome Perfectly Me Girls, Captain Kid Kindness and his Kindness Crew, and the Perfectly Me Squad. Our superheroes are leading the way in the fight against AdversiT and her minions but they need your help! Join at the team today! 

Mikey McKenna Hector and Paige Superhero
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