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Meet Our  Comic


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The Perfectly Me Superheroes are amazing kids who stand apart from many other legends because their powers, motivation and mission are firmly grounded in the supervalues of kindness, courage, empathy, self-esteem, leadership and more. 

Zoe the Courageous and her friends, the Awesome Perfectly Me Girls, were the first Perfectly Me Superheroes, battling the forces of AdversiT and encouraging all girls to love themselves and value their unique gifts. Captain Kid Kindness joined the team next. He has astounding powers charged by his own kindness, which he uses to take a stand against bullying and to promote friendship everywhere he goes. Most recently, the Perfectly Me Squad entered the scene, proving that uniquely talented, good-hearted individuals can achieve even more when they work together skillfully as a team.

The Perfectly Me Superheroes inspire kids everywhere to develop their own supervalues, promote kindness and compassion, be strong and smart, be fearless and curious. And most importantly our heroes encourage each child to be a force for good in the world.

Because every kid is a superhero.

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