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Perfectly Me


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A brand-new team of superheroes has jumped into action: The Perfectly Me Squad!  


Every member of the team is a brave, exciting powerful hero as an individual.  As a team, they support each other and work together in ways that make them truly unstoppable!  

Through the wisdom and guidance of Squad Leader Maya, the Perfectly Me Squad stands ready to face the rising power of supervillain AdversiT and her evil band of Meanies.
If you want to learn more about the Perfectly Me Squad’s thrilling adventures, check out this video comic!



Superhero Name:  Squad Leader 


First Appearance:  Perfectly Me Squad #1 (2020)


Powers:  Maya does not have any powers, but she has a brave heart and she is ready to stand up against the forces of evil.  Her gymnastics skills give her great strength and endurance for battles against AdversiT’s Meanies. 


Hobbies:  Maya enjoys learning about American history and investors and she also likes taking part in gymnastics.  


Goals:  Maya is very focused on building the Perfectly Me Squad.  She is learning ways to help everyone work together even more effectively with each adventure.  She is also supporting her friends as they learn more about how to use their powers.



Superhero Name:  Wolf Boy

First Appearance:  Perfectly Me Squad #1 (2020)

Powers:  Joseph has the speed and keen tracking senses of a wolf.  

Hobbies:  Joseph likes to play his guitar and sing songs.


Goals:  Joseph is working on his leadership skills.  He wants to contribute even more as part of the team.  The Perfectly Me Squad really means a lot to him because he is new to the school and he had a hard time making friends at first until he met Maya.



Superhero Name:  Dr. Nature


First Appearance:  Perfectly Me Squad #1 (2020)


Powers:  Rebecca can create leafy vines to entangle many different kinds of threats.  


Hobbies:  Rebecca enjoys hiking, reading nature books, and taking part in Scouts.  


Goals:  Rebecca enjoys learning new things in school and in Scouts.  She is currently learning how to tie some knots.  As she keeps reading more and more nature books, she also wants to learn even more about wildlife habitat and the many different kinds of plants and animals.



Superhero Name:  Impact


First Appearance:  Perfectly Me Squad #1 (2020)


Powers:  Lily launches special chemistry creations from her trusty wrist rocket in times of need.


Hobbies:  Lily likes reading about chemistry and practicing taekwondo.  


Goals:  Lily wants to learn more about chemistry, which she already knows very well.  She is also starting to learn about physics.  She is very interested in the scientific study of objects in motion, like the chemistry creations she uses with her wrist rocket.



Superhero Name:  Mind Kid


First Appearance:  Perfectly Me Squad #1 (2020)


Powers:  Lester relies on his mental superpowers.  The exact nature and extent of Lester’s powers remains a mystery.  He has learned more about how his powers work during the Perfectly Me Squad’s recent adventures.  


Hobbies:  Lester enjoys reading all kinds of books.  Lester has a great time hanging out with his friends in the Perfectly Me Squad, but he also enjoys spending time alone, reading and playing with toys.


Goals:  Lester wants to learn more about how his powers work and how to use them.  He doesn’t specifically have a favorite subject in school, but he loves learning and he wants to get as much out of school as he can.  He’s also hoping to get to know the other members of the Perfectly Me Squad even better.



Superhero Name:  Therma-Kid


First Appearance:  Perfectly Me Squad #1 (2020)


Powers:  Hannah can create beams of heat and cold.  Hannah is very careful when using her powers to make sure she does not accidentally hurt other people.


Hobbies:  Hannah likes looking at art, reading children’s literature, and making art projects of her own. 


Goals:  Hannah wants to learn more about how to create many different kinds of art projects, including painting, sculpting, and making collages. 

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