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Captain Kid


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If you want to discover an exciting superhero on a very unique mission, Captain Kid Kindness is the hero for you!  In his action-packed adventures, Captain Kid Kindness battles arch-villain AdversiT and her band of villains known as the Meanies.  


Captain Kid Kindness is unique in the world of heroes because his powers are fueled by his kind heart.   He takes a stand against bullying and cruelty, always extending a hand of friendship to everyone around!


To learn more about Captain Kid Kindness and his breathtaking adventures, you can listen to this story.  By using your imagination, you will be able to see Captain Kid Kindness in your mind as you learn more about his astounding mission!


Captain Kid Kindness

Superhero Identity:  Captain Kid Kindness

Real Name:  Mikey


First Appearance:  Zoe and Mikey v. the Fear of Being Different (2020)


Powers:  Can generate beams of pure kindness that can be directed at his enemies in times of trouble.  Captain Kid Kindness is still growing, so the full extent of his amazing abilities remains unknown.


Hobbies:  When he is not protecting others as Captain Kid Kindness, Mikey enjoys making art projects and playing with his friends.


Goals:  Captain Kid Kindness wants to do even more to help other kids learn how to be nice to each other.  He also wants to help stop bullying on the playground and help others learn how to be a good friend to others.


Here’s an exciting video comic adventure of the amazing Captain Kid Kindness!  Tune in again soon to watch a different adventure!

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