The notorious arch-villain AdversiT and her Meanies continually provoke conflict in the world of the Perfectly Me superheroes.  Over the years, she has launched a wide array of schemes aimed at disrupting people’s lives by preying on their anxiety, self-doubt, fear, and a range of other emotions.


In recent months, she has developed technology designed to keep friends apart as well.  She has made it clear that her many diabolical plans are interconnected, often building on her past efforts.


AdversiT lives on Planet V which is located in another galaxy, but travels to Earth frequently to promote her ultimate goal of disrupting people’s emotions.  Some of the Perfectly Me SuperHeroes believe AdversiT’s plans and capabilities are growing ever stronger with time.  For that reason, these heroes are working fiercely to recruit new heroes and expand their own capacity for kindness, decency and compassion.  


The Perfectly Me SuperHeroes will take a stand against AdversiT for the good of all people on Earth.


Here’s a video comic revealing one of AdversiT’s epic battles with the Perfectly Me SuperHeroes.  Tune in soon for a different story!



Title: Leader of the Meanies

Super Powers: Making girls feel anxious, telling girls not to believe in themselves, lurking and waiting for the opportunity to lower self-esteem, flying, super speed.

Weapons: Low Self-Esteem Beam/Anxiety Bomb/Nay Say Slay

Hobbies: Flying, watching horror movies, making others feel bad

Food: Vegetarian - Only green foods

Friends: Nay Sayers, Broken Hearted Bozos, AnxieTs, Back Biters, Esteem Zappers

Favorite Quote: “ I am AdversiT (evil laugh) ” - AdversiT

Favorite Subject: Drama

Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons



Weapons: Fear

Hobbies: Running, scaring, feeding on fears, softball

Favorite Food: Bubble gum and rice

Favorite Quote: “We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think”

Favorite Band: The Brains

Each AnxieT resembles a human brain with arms, legs, and a face.  The AnxieTs magnify human fear, leaving a person feeling emotionally weaker than before.  Sometimes, by expanding fear to its extreme, the AnxieTs can make someone consider letting go of his or her life’s dreams and goals.


Broken Hearted Bozos

Weapons: Heart Break Shake, Bowling Ball Roll, Sadness, Loneliness

Hobbies: Crying, Rolling, Sliding, Jumping, Dodgeball

Favorite Food: Beets, Purple Jolly Ranchers

Favorite Quote: “Hurt people hurt people” - Yahuda Berg

Favorite Band: The Cryers

Outwardly, the Bozos have been described as humanoid creatures resembling little purple blobs.  Inwardly, though, they are not to be underestimated by any means.  They have the ability to make a person feel unloved and unwanted, even though that person has deep support from family and friends.   



Weapons: Doubt Whisper

Hobbies: Telling people they aren’t worth anything, sticking out their tongues, field hockey

Favorite Food: Green beans, Green Jolly Ranchers

Favorite Quote: “You can’t do it!” - Nay Sayers

Favorite Band: They HATE Music!

From the very beginning, AdversiT has relied heavily on the villainous naysayers.  These wicked green trolls possess the ability to create self-doubt within people.  For the Perfectly Me superheroes, this ability seems to have a related, secondary effect of dampening their powers temporarily as well.